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For every uniform jacket we sell, we will donate two bikes to children who are in need.


We fix old bikes and donate them to children who need bikes to go to school.

Tailormade from the heart

All the uniform jackets is tailormade to the smallest detail and you will give a bike to a kid in need.

A fathers legacy

The 17th November 2017, my dear father, Preben Hansen, passed away after a long battle with cancer. I still remember him vividly, strong and wise, full of life and love, and always caring for people. He loved working and was very active and was always full of ideas and plans.

I recall approximately 3 months before my father died, I was sitting with him, talking about his various charity programs he had in Vietnam. We talked about this amazing, sustainability bike program that would fix and refurbish old bikes to be donated to children.. Read more

About our bike program

We buy good refurbished bike, and not brand new bikes. This helps reducing the cost and also allows bigger quantity of bikes to be purchased for supporting the children. Sometime we are also able support scholarships.

We have supported the following organizations